The Skelmanthorpe Rainbow Trail


5th and 6th June 2021


This is a circular route around the sites where the Rainbows are placed. There is car parking behind the Parish Council Community Building on New Street.


1)The trail begins at the Denby Dale Parish Council Community Building on Commercial Road.


The Rainbow is constructed of 336 x 6inch squares knitted by local people, their family and friends. The community building is an important central point for the business of the Parish Council, the local library, Village Art exhibitions, social events and meetings. For more information and to view the local website see


2) Turning right along Commercial Road the next Rainbow is at The Coffee Mill, until recently the village Post Office and still the site of the Priority postal box. If you look above to the first floor you will see an elaborate Insurance Mark on the front of the building.


3) There is another Rainbow on The Grove, which has been an important social centre for the village since the 19th Century. There were once several public houses in the village but The Grove is the last one still in business. There is a large outdoor space for customers. From the Coffee Mill continue along the road, passing Skelmanthorpe Band headquarters, beside the bus stop you will see a small lane, Radcliffe Road. The Skelmanthorpe Flag was designed and possibly made in a building at the top of the lane. Walk up the lane to the corner and take the steps up into Beechfield Avenue. The way to the next Rainbow is signposted with arrows and red and blue squares.


4) St Aidans C of E Primary School is on Smithy Close. The school banner contains all the colours of the rainbow. Follow the arrows to Smithy Lane.


5) Turn down Smithy Lane back towards Commercial Road. Cross over and admire the metal screen behind the bus shelter. There is a cosy scarf decorating the figures on the screen. The screen is behind one of the oldest remaining buildings in Skelmanthorpe. Walk past the screen to Queen Street.


6) Half way down Queen Street on the right you will see another Rainbow on the Skelmanthorpe Textile Heritage Centre. Usually open once a month this little house is furnished as it would have been in 1900 and has a loom in the upper room. Local volunteer guides have lots of stories to tell and also demonstrate the loom. More information can be found on . Continue to the bottom of Queen Street and look right.


7)Skelmanthorpe Academy is located as Elm Street runs into Pilling Lane. This part of the village was know as Pond End in the 19th century. What is now the nursery was built as the elementary school for children to attend until they were 14 years old.


6). You can either retrace your route to Commercial Road by walking up Lodge Street and then walk back to the DDPC Community Building or return along Elm Street, past Tentercroft Millls and Dale Bottom, up the hill towards Station Road, where you will come out by The Grove.


9) Continuing along Commercial Road there are Rainbows at The Flower Shop and the Co-operative Stores.






















Happy New Year to all  hoping we can reopen in 2021and welcome visitors new and old.



Skelmanthorpe Christmas Lights

2020 The Great Switch On

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COVID - 19 virus 

Unfortunately like all other museums and galleries we are following Government guidelines and closing the heritage centre. We are particularly vulnerable because of the restricted space and the fact that most of our guides are over 70!

Best wishes and keep safe.

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A collection of fabulous social and textile artefacts lovingly collected by the late

Leslie Robinson and enthusiastically introduced to all visitors by the

Friends of Skelmanthorpe Textile Heritage Centre.




Friends of Skelmanthorpe Textile Heritage Centre


Howard Singleton - Chairman
Richard Brook - Secretary

David Collins - Treasurer

Stanley Sheard

Dennis Lockwood

Kelvin Waites

Tony Weatherby

Friends have various levels of involvement. Some have a hands on role, occasionally showing groups around, or helping with the general housekeeping of the cottage (no heavy work involved), or learning to operate and demonstrate the hand loom, or maybe being involved in publicity.

Others just want to give moral support to the preservation of this treasure.

In any case all are most welcome.

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6 Queen Street



West Yorkshire





By prior arrangement or during local and national

heritage events. 

Open the second Sunday of each month 

14:00 to 16:00

Families or groups are most welcome.

Generally party size is restricted to 10 persons, because of the size

of the accommodation.

Special arrangements can be made for school or larger parties in association with other local community facilities.

A tour will typically take about an hour and your guide will describe various aspects of the cottage and the weaving community to which the family would have belonged. There will be time to browse and look more closely at exhibits.

Entry is free.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

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