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A collection of fabulous social and textile artefacts lovingly collected by the late

Leslie Robinson and enthusiastically introduced to all visitors by the

Friends of Skelmanthorpe Textile Heritage Centre.




Friends of Skelmanthorpe Textile Heritage Centre


Howard Singleton - Chairman
Richard Brook - Secretary

David Collins - Treasurer

Stanley Sheard

Dennis Lockwood

Kelvin Waites

Tony Weatherby

Friends have various levels of involvement. Some have a hands on role, occasionally showing groups around, or helping with the general housekeeping of the cottage (no heavy work involved), or learning to operate and demonstrate the hand loom, or maybe being involved in publicity.

Others just want to give moral support to the preservation of this treasure.

In any case all are most welcome.

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6 Queen Street



West Yorkshire





By prior arrangement or during local and national

heritage events. 

Open the second Sunday of each month 

10:00 to 13:00

Families or groups are most welcome.

Generally party size is restricted to 10 persons, because of the size

of the accommodation.

Special arrangements can be made for school or larger parties in association with other local community facilities.

A tour will typically take about an hour and your guide will describe various aspects of the cottage and the weaving community to which the family would have belonged. There will be time to browse and look more closely at exhibits.

Entry is free.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

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